Are you thinking about building your own home? Every year thousands of people build their own home around Australia. There are many reasons you might want to build your own home.

  • maybe you are coming towards the end of your career and you want to downsize
  • maybe you’re an obsessed DIY fanatic looking for a huge project to sync your teeth into
  • maybe you’re a young couple dying to get onto the housing ladder
  • maybe you’re a large family yearning for more space

Whatever motivates you to want to build your own home, there are some important criteria that you should consider before committing to any build. For home builders in Canberra or any other part of Australia, consider these advantages of building your own house.

  1. Total Artistic Control

Arguably the most important reason for wanting to build your own place – being able to have control over every aspect of a new build is very important to many ‘self-builders’. Many people see themselves as designers, even if they have little or no training or experience. You should always be aware that professional, qualified designers have a considerably tough job. Having a vision in your head of what you want the build to look like, doesn’t make you a professional designer.

  1. Saving on Costs and Labour


Building your own home is a cost-effective way to achieve a good quality of life that is perfectly tailored to their lifestyle. As you will be your own project manager, designer and builder, you will be in the position to make all the key decisions on where to spend money and where to save money.

Maybe you want to cut back on the top of the range wooden furniture in favour of upgrading the bedrooms or the installation instead, for example.

  1. Getting Your Hands Dirty On-Site

A true self-builder will be involved in the build from day one until completion. A self-build is an excellent opportunity to learn new building skills, such as carpentry, masonry, plumbing and electronics. It is also a great way to get your hands dirty, get involved, and save yourself money by doing some of the menial tasks that would otherwise be given to unskilled workers.

It is very satisfying to know that you laid the foundations of your own property.

However you decide to proceed with your self-build, be sure to get proper, professional advice.

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