The home renovation craze has created a huge market for smart and creative home improvement products. Some of these are just a fad, and others will find a place among the many choices available. But some products have been around a very long time, and they have proven to be economical and long-lasting materials. This is especially true in the category of flooring. Although there are many new processes to produce these materials, the same products are still dominating the market today. These products are hardwood, ceramic tiles, carpet, linoleum, and epoxy. With epoxy being the newest of the five, but it has been around for decades already, mostly in commercial applications.

Epoxy: All the products on this list have been modernised throughout the years, providing more alternatives and dynamic looks. But Epoxy has come on strong lately, due to some creative people exploring the potential of this material. You can arrange epoxy services in Adelaide. Epoxy is a liquid that hardens on the floor surfaces and forms a watertight shell that is consistent across the surface. Usually, it is a glossy smooth finish, but you can get different textures. Epoxy can be mixed like automotive paint and so you can get all the metallic and swirly effects, and those effects remain as if the product is still wet. In the hands of a professional beautiful, unique flooring can be created and the look will be long lasting and very easy to clean and maintain.

Ceramic tiles: Technology has given the makers of ceramic tiles a lot of new tools to create interesting patterns and shapes. Ceramic tiles can resemble almost anything now, with beautiful faux wood flooring available in the shape of planks, and faux stone, that cannot be distinguishing from the natural product.

Wood Laminate: This is a golden age for hardwood, there are so many advancements, especially in application. Hardwood has become a DIY product and the emulation of materials is beginning to blur the line between tiles and planking.

Linoleum and Carpet: These two products were dominating the market not too long ago, they have taken a back seat lately, particularly because of the trend towards hardwood. But they too have been advancing, and there are exciting new products available that are superior to the old products of the 80’s and 90’s

If you are renovating this is an exciting time with so many cool alternatives available and so much information on the internet. But the traditional materials are still proving to be more popular overall.