When designing an office space for your business, you will want to consider whether you are going for an open or closed plan office. However, you can also choose a hybrid option of both, have an open-plan design, and break up the space using partitions. There are many different types of office partitions that you can consider using, so there should be a suitable option for your office design. Below are some of the various options available to show you your choices and help you make the best decision for your business.

Demountable Partitions

When you are looking for a modern partitioning system for your office space, demountable partitions are an excellent option you can choose. You can create closed office spaces with windows instead of walls, which helps keep an open plan feel of the area. They are simple to install, and you can also move them easily if you redesign the layout of your office in the future. There are also tax breaks available when using this type of partitioning, which can save you money when you choose this type of partition for your office.

Drywall Office Partitions

Another excellent option that you can choose for your office, which is versatile and affordable, is drywall partitions. These can look like a solid wall and are quick to erect in an office. You can also add additional insulation to them, which can help keep the noise down in your office and offer thermal insulation. These are suitable for an office with a high level of noise, and the partitions will help break this up. They are also an option which you can adapt to your space perfectly and are highly customisable, so you get precisely what you need for your office.

Frameless Glass Partitioning

Another option that can look modern, sleek, and stylish is choosing frameless glass partitions for your office. These are an excellent option for meeting rooms or offices in your space, and they give the feel of an open-plan office while having the benefit of privacy if needed. They also help you to allow plenty of natural light into your office, which can help create an excellent working environment and boost the productivity of your workers. They can have a seamless appearance and are the perfect choice when your office gets plenty of visitors, as they will help you make an excellent first impression.

Sliding Partitions

If you have a large space like a canteen, that occasionally is used for other purposes, such as training, an excellent option for you is sliding office partitions. You often find this type of partitioning in schools and community centres, as within a couple of seconds you can open or close the partitions and transform the space quickly. They are a highly versatile option that allows you to make the most of your space and use it for various situations. They are also cost-effective which makes them an affordable option for most businesses. Most companies providing office partitions will have a suitable sliding partition for your business, so they are also readily available.