If you are looking to sell your property, whether to capitalise on the current market or because you’re looking to move elsewhere, it is always beneficial to improve your home’s value. Not only will this ensure a greater return on your original investment but the value is inextricably linked to appeal and an attractive house will outshine local competition, ensuring more interest from buyers too.

While some will make time for improvements and renovations months or even years before their home reaches the market, not everyone has such a luxury of schedule. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to quickly add value to a home, from affordable and quick improvements to last-minute purchases that will immediately benefit a property’s estimated value.

Neutral Aesthetics

Your living spaces might be full of colour and quirks, with items and furniture that bring you a great deal of joy. However, the market is less forgiving of personal taste and favours, instead, neutral spaces. This is largely because buyers will seek to make a space their own, hunting for a blank canvas property. If a home is too set in its creative style, a buyer will only see the associated costs of renovation and change.

As such, consider giving your home a clear out, removing anything that is particularly striking, and leave only the most accessible and valuable assets that will benefit and impress a wider range of potential buyers.

Renovate Your Garden

Gardens are a double-edged sword for homeowners. On one hand, they are a sought-after asset that many buyers will seek to have. On the other hand, they require ongoing maintenance and can easily prevent the property from being classified as a ‘lock up and leave’.

Clearing your garden will help give the impression of a low-maintenance property but other assets, such as summer houses, patio furniture, and even raised beds, can each benefit your sale by making a garden easier to manage and enjoy.

Spruce The Exterior

A significant part of a property’s value comes from its place on the street. This is known as kerb appeal and it remains one of the most important parts of a property’s identity. Whether you choose to trim your hedge, repaint your exterior wall, or replace the front door, you will get a major return on your investment because first impressions, that which the front of your house will make, matter.

Bathroom And Kitchen

If you ask an estate agent what are the most beneficial areas inside a property to spend money on, they will almost certainly reply: bathroom and kitchen. This is because, typically, they are the rooms that offer the most utility and are therefore expected to be the most useful and comfortable.

If this isn’t the case, consider purchasing and making improvements to these rooms. And, if you only have a small budget, they should be your primary focus. Whether you are improving storage or adding luxury features, you will be impressing buyers and improving your sale.

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