Some junk found at home can be the most exciting scraps to be recreated. They come from simple things like bottle caps and can tabs, and even furniture and appliance parts. Giving these items a new life serves two purposes: creating valuable objects out of scrap you want to get rid of at home, and contributing to the efforts of lessening the production of solid waste. These reasons alone are what make this job more exciting. On the other hand, let companies specializing in junk removal in Washington DC handle other trash that you no longer find useful.

Toys and recreational stuff for kids

Every toy has its story, and the valued ones are not made from the most expensive materials. They are the products of imagination to please children and let them play while they are still young. Whose childhood was ever complete without trying tin can telephones, or playing in the tire swings at the park? These toys and recreational stuff are usually the items that create lasting memories aside from the fun they give to children.

School and office materials

Paper and plastics are common junk found at home. Most of the time, they end up in the trash without us realizing how they can be of great use in the future. Maximizing these items can provide an adequate supply of school or office materials. Old boxes may serve as containers of office files, used paper for scratch pads, and printed materials for collage projects in school. Having these kinds of junk items is an excellent way of saving money instead of purchasing the same type of supplies all over again.

Home decorations

The positive side of being creative and practical as well is you do not easily give up on things. When you see that an item is still valuable, find ways to use it. This idea leads to the creation of home decorations made from scrap. Some of the fantastic products transformed with the use of junk are paper mache crafts, chimes, and chandeliers as well as stuff holders and keepers made from glass and plastic scraps. These items are a good reminder that this world has a significant chance of surviving with the use of creativity.


In the past years, the fashion industry has also been challenged by the massive production of junk. The use of recyclable materials can now be seen even in the most prestigious beauty and fashion events around the globe. They come as pieces of jewelry using bottle caps, soda tabs, and even circuit boards. Bags made from candy wrappers and foil packs are also making a trend. These innovations show that junk can be used in the most fashionable sense.

The good thing about being creative is that it has no limits. It always has results that are fulfilling. And the essential thought that can be passed on to generations – the best things in life are free, and they can be made out of junk.