If you concrete your driveway, it is always a good idea to add aggregates for added texture and strength. Aggregates add to a concrete driveway’s appearance, and are great when displayed on driveways and walkways.

Calculating the Size of the Installation

Whether you choose coloured concrete, plain concrete, or one of the concrete exposed aggregate driveways in Melbourne, you need to ensure that the pavement is laid correctly. Therefore, you need to calculate the area and come up with the square metres first. Either the concrete provider can measure the drive or you can check the dimensions yourself.

Once you determine the measurement, you will need to schedule the work. This type of pavement can be installed with little distraction during the day. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about workers interrupting your regular daily schedule.

How to Streamline the Construction

To make the installation easier, find out if a Registered Building Practitioner is part of the concrete team, especially if the paving will cost over $12,000. If your installation is this price or more, it must be protected by homeowners warranty cover. You can easily take out this insurance if a registered building practitioner is part of the concreting team. The warranty starts after finalisation of the construction project.

Why Concrete Outranks Asphalt

You will find that adding a concrete driveway or walkway will enhance your property value, including your exterior kerb appeal. You will also discover that concrete often is a better choice than asphalt. That is because this type of pavement surface handles traffic better. Asphalt may soften when it gets hot outside, which is why concrete is more dependable.

As a result, a concrete driveway will last longer than a driveway that is made of asphalt. While asphalt can last for about two decades, a concrete driveway can last twice as long. Plus, you don’t need to seal concrete like you do asphalt.

A Better Colour Selection

If you choose asphalt, you simply have to hope that it goes well with your home’s exterior. Asphalt only comes in black. Concrete, on the other hand, comes in a number of colour choices, any of which can nicely complement the outside of your home.

Easier Maintenance

Needless to say, a concrete pavement is easy to maintain and therefore makes maintenance a simple task. Whilst asphalt needs resealing every five years, you may only need to degrease a concrete surface. To further safeguard it, however, you can still seal coat concrete like you do asphalt. You simply don’t have to do so as often.

A Contemporary Appearance

You can choose concrete driveways in one of various forms. One of the most popular driveway surfaces today features exposed aggregates in concrete. This contemporary surface comes in various textures and hues, all of which go well with different architectural styles and landscapes.

Increase the Colour Depth with a Sealant

Coloured concrete is installed by mixing a coloured oxide into the mix before it is installed. Specialists make sure to blend the oxide well to ensure a rich colour that is dispersed evenly throughout the concrete. To deepen the colour further, you should have the driveway sealed.