Epoxy flooring is a hot topic today as it offers many benefits such as extreme durability, pleasing aesthetics, and cost-efficiency. That is why you have probably decided to have the product on your garage floor because you need garage floor coating calgary. However, installing epoxy flooring is best handled by professionals to ensure successful completion. The jobs of professional contractors include preparing your garage for the installation. Preparation involves the following:

Garage Inspection

Garage floor coating contractors will inspect your floor since an epoxy coating is best applied to concrete when clean and dry. They want to ensure there is no cracking or damages since these will ruin the design and reduces the durability of the coating. They are likely to patch them up with concrete patch products.

Moreover, as epoxy does not adhere to sealed concrete, contractors will ensure the floor isn’t sealed concrete before applying any epoxy coating. In case your concrete is sealed, they will need to remove the sealer through grinding.

Moisture Check

When there is moisture on the garage floor, the epoxy floor coating will fail. Too much moisture in the concrete will not make it suitable for epoxy coating. Contractors will test for moisture before they make your epoxy flooring. They start by finding damp areas. Damp concrete of efflorescence can be seen on the surface when moisture rises up beneath the slab and reacts to the flooring’s excess lime and salts. This white powdery substance is formed as the moisture evaporates from the concrete.


Once the contractors are sure there is no moisture and that your garage floor can accept concrete floor repair calgary that includes applying epoxy, they will clean its surface. This makes sure it is free from any grease or oils. Grease or oil stains on the floor will act like a sealer that will repel the water, preventing the epoxy from adhering to the concrete.

Floor Profiling

Profiling the garage floor involves exposing the pores in the surface of the concrete to allow the epoxy to flow in and form a good bond. This process is the most important preparation for garage epoxy flooring. This can be done by doing acid etch or grinding the surface to achieve a proper floor profile. The majority of professionals choose to grind the floor; however, a proper acid etch is usually enough for most applications. Flooring contractors will vacuum the entire floor after this task and ensure there is no white residue after.


After cleaning, testing, and profiling your garage floors, contractors will make the necessary any repairs. They will check for damages and repair them before they proceed with the installation. They will not use latex crack repair products as they are too soft compared to concrete and epoxy. These products tend to shrink over time, making the epoxy floor depress underneath the coating. Also, the garage epoxy flooring is likely to crack under pressure. In case they have to fill in contraction joints on your garage floor, they will do this before they apply the coating. They will make sure the surfaces of the areas they repair are flat and smooth.

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