If you are in the process of designing your office interior, or if you already have an existing space that needs a facelift, then this article is for you. We’ll go over four steps to help get your turnkey office interior project started and make it easier for you to design an office space on your own without hiring a professional designer.

Four steps to get your turnkey office interior design started:

1) Define your goal

The first step to designing a space is very clear about what you want out of it. Next, you should spend some time thinking through these questions and then write down as many answers as you can think of in the meantime.

2) Identify your needs

The next step is to go through each question you answered in the previous one and take a closer look at them. This means going into more detail for each answer that you have provided.

3) Define your design style

This step is all about defining the feel of your office. For example, do you want it to be bright and airy? Or perhaps more minimalistic? Do you prefer warm tones or cool ones?

4) Create a mood board

This is the fun part! It’s time to go through all of your ideas so far and put them together in one place. Of course, for this, you’re going to need Pinterest (or any other image-based pinboard platform).