Whether you’re looking to buy a new house or looking to make wholesale upgrades to your property, you may want to hire a building surveyor first. A building surveyor will carefully analyse the property and check to ensure that it doesn’t exceed the municipal boundaries.

They also help with:

  • Evaluating health and safety hazards in large scale developments
  • Planning a domestic extension in your home, such as a garage or a loft
  • Assessing property damage
  • Materials used in building the property

You may want to hire a building surveyor in Herne Hill for several reasons.

They Can Help Improve the Planning Permission Process

If you own a large piece of land where you want to build a stable or a farm, or if you’re going to add a balcony to your home, you will likely need planning permission before doing so. Obtaining planning permission is essential before you start making extensions or structural changes to your property. You will probably need a report from a building surveyor before you send your application.

Hiring a professional building surveyor can make this task easier for you. They can survey your property and determine if it is safe to carry out the construction and provide the report quickly. This report can then be submitted to the relevant authorities to obtain permission.

A Property Survey Is Incredibly Valuable in a House Move

Having a building surveyor inspect the property first will give you peace of mind about what you are buying. It’ll allow you to get an independent and objective view of the remedial work needed before you buy.