If you live in Hampshire then, you should appreciate how beautiful the more rural areas are, you’ve got the New Forest literally on your doorstep which offers some of the oldest, most desirable places to visit across the entire UK. The only problem is, the weather can be a bit temperamental and, if you live near trees, sometimes they can cause damage to your home;

Beautifully imperfect

Where ever you live, there are good points and bad points and, as with any kind of beauty, there is always some kind of sacrifice that has to be made. Living near the New Forest and being on the South Coast is a double whammy, you’ve got a mixture of natural elements that can cause damage to your property.


The strong coastal weather brings an increased need of comprehensive insurance to cover things like roofing repairs in Eastleigh or, replacement windows in Fawley. The weather and the debris that it can carry with it from the surrounding forestry areas can actually be really dangerous, if you live elsewhere and are planning a visit to the South Coast, do bear that in mind.


The UK holds a certain level of heritage, especially in areas like the New Forest there are policies in place to ensure that the wildlife is protected and that people can’t just buy parts of it and start building whatever they want.