With the cost of replacing uPVC windows running into the thousands of pounds, it is not something a homeowner looks forward to with any excitement. Unfortunately, is it a project that eventually will need dealing with. The overall aesthetic condition of a home’s exterior reflects both the value of the property and the reputation of the owner and their family. If you’re having to reluctantly address this problem, please read on as I have an eco-friendly alternative to replacing those tired, ageing windows.

Introducing uPVC Spraying

The superb alternative I’m referring to is uPVC window spraying, which involves spraying the existing windows with modern high-performance paint. This process extends the life of windows for another 10 – 15 years. This increasingly popular home improvement is completed by an experienced team of specialists in a single day, leaving the property transformed. This process can also revitalise garage doors, gutters, facias, and other exterior surfaces with any colour of the homeowner’s choice to give a superb aesthetic facelift.

The uPVC Spraying Process

It’s always helpful to fully understand any process undertaken on your home; on arrival on-site, the area is cleared of any obstructions, and a suitable amount of protective sheeting is laid down. The spraying process then follows these steps –

  • The surfaces are cleaned and degreased with specialist products.
  • Mastic sealants are then removed to ensure full coverage of paint.
  • Glass and any adjacent brickwork are then masked with tape to avoid overspray.
  • An abrasive is then rubbed onto the surfaces to encourage the paint to bond.
  • The spraying then takes place using specialised equipment; a mist preparation coat is followed by two additional coats of the chosen paint.
  • After a short drying period, the masking tape is removed.
  • To complete the process, mastic sealant is reapplied in a matching colour.

Other uPVC products such as conservatories, sunrooms or summer houses can also be rejuvenated using this versatile process leaving fixtures with a modern, durable finish.

Benefits Of Using uPVC Spraying

By choosing this excellent home improver, you can unlock many advantages; some might be obvious and others you may not have thought about; they include –

  • Money-saving – obvious and crucial to most, the cost of spraying is around 75% less than the cost of full replacement windows.
  • Improved strength – the paint improves the durability of the window frames and protects against ultra-violet (UV) damage.
  • Helps the environment – by extending the life of the windows, you are delaying the uPVC ending up as waste, which ends up in landfills.
  • Increase in property value – how your home looks are linked to how much the property is worth; by improving its appearance, you increase its value.
  • No building work – the process takes a single day without the disruptions caused by the work associated with replacement windows.

There is no doubt that revitalising your property using uPVC spraying is a great idea; it enables you to transform unsightly and weathered fixtures to give your home and windows a new lease of life; find your local uPVC spraying specialist today!