The world is going digital, modern and modular. With everything in such a rapid-fire mode, why should your home stay behind? Well, for example, the idea of a modular kitchen is at hype recently. Do you know why? The main reason is that it is very convenient and provides you with the ease of placing and using everything required in the kitchen area pretty quickly and systematically. But you might be wondering how to create one for your own house! Especially for such modular kitchen fans, we have got some tips that you might find helpful.

  • Know your kitchen triangle layout first – The very first thing to keep in mind when designing our modular kitchen is the entire layout triangle. You might have a compact space in which you have to fit in the sink, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets and much more. If you are not designing the modular kitchen as per the space, then you might feel that the room is cramped later on. However, if you are free of space, then who knows, your architect might suggest a kitchen trolley design that makes the place look better and isn’t restricted by space!
  • Ideal countertop height and size – The countertop is the second most important thing in your kitchen. You have to choose it very wisely. Ensure that the height of the counter is perfect for your convenience and that the size is according to the space you have in the kitchen. If you love adding some zest to your modular kitchen, you can opt for unique shapes in the countertop and even one with drawers and shelves underneath it.
  • The drawers, pull, outs and cabinets – The ideal kitchen trolley design for the modular form has the most sleek-looking drawers and pull-outs. Even the cabinets are placed and built in such places that they don’t overlap with other parts of your kitchen area. You can dodge the number of drawers and cabinets you’ll require as per the space available to you in your kitchen.
  • Choose the colours wisely – What is the use of a modular kitchen if it is not pleasing to the eyes? Well, even when designing such a kitchen area for your house, keep in mind the decor theme. Firstly, the colours of the cabinets and drawers and shelves should be synced. Secondly, ensure that you are choosing a nice theme of colours that automatically fits in well with your primary home decor design. Thirdly, whatever shade you choose, it should be one that you don’t get bored of quickly.
  • Mindful lighting – For a modular kitchen, just like any other design, you have to be very careful and mindful when placing the lights. You should have a bright light over your main countertop, one above the cooktop and some around the kitchen trolleys and cabinets.

After these essential considerations, just install the most convenient appliances that match your decor to create a perfect modular kitchen in your home.