It is the going threat of severe weather conditions and natural disasters that has caused the interest in the ground storm shelters to surge. When talking about the ground storm shelters, these can be neatly divided into two categories- below-ground and above-ground storm shelters. There are advantages to both types but when researching in detail, below-ground storm shelters are determined to be inconvenient and sometimes, dangerous. In this article enlisted are the advantages of the above ground storm shelters Texas.

Above-ground shelters don’t fill with water or float away

The same severe weather that is responsible for bringing tornadoes oftentimes also brings heavy rains. And the areas prone to flooding can also flood below-ground shelters which further makes them useless. It has been reported that during record rainfall in Texas, the improperly installed below-ground storm shelters popped up in yards and floated out of the ground due to high water levels. On the other hand, above ground storm shelters Texas are resistant to such cons. Properly installed above-ground storm shelters don’t flood or float away due to heavy rains.

Simple entry

It is easy to enter the above ground shelters even for people with mobility challenges. During harsh weather conditions, folks who use wheelchairs or walkers don’t need to worry about trying to get down narrow, steep steps into a below-ground storm shelter. One only needs to add a small ramp and people with mobility challenges can easily enter the above-ground storm shelters without fear of falling. Also, there is plenty of space, inside, so that everyone can be seated comfortably.

Easy installation

There is no need to drill large holes in the backyard, concrete busted out of the garage floor, or move the utility and sewer lines when installing above-ground storm shelters. There are some types of above-ground shelters that can be as easily installed as setting a 24,000 lb shelter down on the lawn, anchoring it, and driving away. Also, there is no need to use overhead cranes.

Above-ground shelters can move with the individual

 Now that people are living in a mobile society, there is a probability that they move at least twice in a 20-year time span. Storm shelters act as an important investment, so why not an individual considers buying a shelter that can move with him or her in the new home? Above-ground storm shelters provide the benefit of relocating the same to another location which further makes sure that the investment and family of a person are protected for the future.


These four advantages of the above ground storm shelters Texas deserve attention. By getting the above-ground storm shelters installed in the house, not only a person can protect his property but also secure his own safety. It is not easy to predict what mother nature can do but one can take steps to protect themselves. When thinking of installing above-ground storm shelters in the backyard consider reaching out to an expert with enough experience.

Infographic provided by Canter Power Systems, generator installation Texas