Why would you need to strip that old finish from the floor? With time the develop of wax, or any other floor finishes, can give your hard floors a monotonous, hazy, or yellowed look. Regardless of how hard you neat and scrub you simply can’t have this yellowing and haze disappear. The only real option would be to remove that old floor finish and begin again.

And for those who have a really large place to focus on then an autoscrubbing floor machine can help your work go much faster. Exactly the same floor stripping pads you utilize on the rotary floor buffer may also be used to have an autoscrubber. An autoscrubber, either walk-behind or ride-on, may be used to vacuum in the stripping solution and dissolved floor wax in a single quick pass, eliminating the slow removal having a wet-dry vac and hands squeegee.

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You will find four fundamental steps to stripping the ground:

1) Apply floor stripper and allow it to take a seat on that old finish for some time,

2) Scrub and agitate that old floor finish to release the conclusion for simple removal

3) Take away the floor stripper and dissolved floor wax in the floor, and

4) Rinse and neutralize the ground before you apply a brand new finish.

Floor stripper is only a chemical solution that can help to dissolve and release that old floor wax in your floor. Stick to the directions for the specific floor stripping solution (some might need diluting), but many will need you to distribute the answer generously within the floor, but less it soaks into cracks and seams. Wait a couple of minutes (usually five to ten minutes, but follow your particular product directions) to allow the stripper focus on dissolving that old floor wax.

After waiting a couple of minutes make use of your autoscrubber floor machine, having a black stripping pad, to wash the ground. While you omit the ground together with your machine the rear finish will instantly vacuum in the solution and old wax using the built-in squeegees. Utilizing an autoscrubber could save you considerable time within this step from the process.

When your solution and old wax is vacuumed started then rinse with obvious water. Make use of your autoscrubber to get rid of this rinse water in the floor, too. A neutralizer option would be then required to neutralize the strong chemicals from the stripping solution so your new floor finish will adequately follow the clean floor. If you do not make use of a neutralizer you risk your brand-new floor wax progressively flaking or peeling started.

Allow the floor completely dry before the next move of using the new floor wax or finish. Floor fans or air movers may be essential to accelerate this method. When totally dry you are prepared to apply your brand-new finish. With the aid of your autoscrubber floor machine you’ve stripped and eager your large floor area rapidly and simply. “

*Note: You will need to completely wash it out all tanks after use. Should you used the answer tank to use stripper, you wouldn’t wish to put any stripper lower when likely to scrub the next floor, since it could ruin that floor. So, make certain to completely cleanse the answer tank after use. You’d should also make certain you cleanse all recovery tanks, vacuum hoses, and squeegees, if any stripper or old floor wax would dry in almost any of individuals areas, it may clog, or ruin your machine, putting both you and your machine from commission.