Looking for a cheap and beautiful home décor idea? Among others, consider custom photo books, including those that Shutterfly can provide. They don’t deserve to be hidden in the cabinet! Show them off, and it is sure to be an interesting conversation starter. To make the most out of your photo book, read on and we’ll let you know how to make it add aesthetic value to your home.

  1. Add Life to a Boring Table

One of the best ways to add a photo book in your home décor is to place it on the top of a bare table. It can be a center table, side table, office table, or bedside table, among other tables. A photo book alone may seem plain and simple. If you want to it to look better, we recommend that you add a vase with fresh flowers, a cluster of candles, or a vintage-inspired lampshade.

  1. Convert it Into a Frame

Choose flush-mount photo books that can stand on their own. They are thick and strong enough to stand even without a base. Pick the best photo and use it as a cover. Alternatively, you can open the photo book to the centerfold to show it off. Make it stand on a table and it will look like a photo frame. Check out Shutterfly.com for some of the best options available.

  1. Pick the Best Cover

When designing a photo book, you should find the best material for the cover to make sure that it will be an excellent decorative piece. Leather is a good idea, especially if you want it to be sophisticated. For something rustic, wood will make a good choice. A cover with metallic accents is also great, as well as a die-cut cover in cloth.

  1. Choose the Right Paper

Aside from the cover, decorative photo books should use the best type of paper where the photos will be printed. One of the most important is for the paper to resist fading so that the colors won’t change over time. Semi-gloss and premium matte papers are great choices for the pictures to stand out.

  1. Build a Shelf

If you have several photo books to display at home, we recommend unique DIY shelves using upcycled materials. It is a great way to show of your photo book while also providing additional storage in your house. This will also minimize clutter, which is perfect if you want to have a minimalist-inspired design. Along with the photo books, you can also display your favorite books.

  1. Choose the Right Table

To make the photo book stand out in your home, complement it with the right table. Whether it is a side table or coffee table, among other tables where you will be placing the photo book, choose wisely. It should be appropriate for the size and design of the space where you will position the table. Consider the height, length, shape, and material, among other features.

Photo books are not only collections of memories. Take note of our suggestions above and you can also make it a great decorative piece at home.