People who may have gotten into an accident get diagnosed with a chronic disease. Since not showering is something that people cannot get away with, bathroom remodels must be done for the users to navigate the bathrooms safely. Modern bathrooms may come already equipped with handicap shower enclosures which allow immediate functionality once people move in into the houses. If you are looking to renovate the bathroom in your home for yourself or your loved ones, here is a guide to see you through finding the exact changes you should make to your bathrooms.

What’s needed for your bathroom to be accessible

Before remodeling your bathroom, you need to look for an ideal design to suit your needs. It should be easily accessible to you and any other guests using it. Consider your current usage and what you expect the bathroom used to be like in the future. Once you have started the renovation, you will need a bathroom to use while the renovation is underway. Consider your renovation budget, some advice from an architect or someone who understands the bathroom usage of someone with a disability and have a vision of your ideal finished product.

How will you build your accessible bathroom

Accessibility looks different to every person while taking both functionality and interior design into consideration. Some common modifications are made to ensure that the accessibility of the bathroom is increased, which include;

  • Widening of the doorway will allow the passage of a wheelchair.
  • Add grab bars near the toilet, in the shower stall or tub to make it easier to get in or out of the area.
  • Building a curbless shower ensures that stepping in and out of the shower is safer.
  • Having a raised toilet seat will make it easier for one to sit while using the toilet.
  • Convert the bathtub to a walk-in shower.
  • Install sensor lights.

The most common type of shower used by people who might have disabilities is a walking shower. This ensures that one has a safe and easy walk-in into the shower without any obstacles. A handicap shower might involve having handicap shower enclosures either to prevent the water from reaching the rest of the bathroom area or for people to home onto the rails that might be closer to them. Here is how you can install new shower enclosures in your bathroom.

  • Install a glass wall that will seal off the open side.
  • Install a curtain rod and shower curtain.
  • Build a shelf to block the floor from the rest of the bathroom but ensure enough room is left.
  • Add a shower seat.
  • Add a shower head that might be accessible from a sitting position.
  • Add soap dispensers and accessible areas for bathroom accessories.

Final thoughts

Having considered everything while remodeling your bathroom to suit a disabled person, it is important to ensure that you research the materials you can use to ensure your bathroom floor is safe. Reach out to a professional to advise how best you can remodel so that the bathroom can be made in a way that you will not need any renovations in the future that might cost more.