Piling construction will always remain as the most effective option to provide maximum support for any structure and foundation.

Wood piles with pressure treated lumber have following few major benefits:

  • Past performance history

For long, people have been using wood piles and consider it as the best high-performance material. Even after using concrete or steel pile as material for construction, wood piles are still the best option due to number of benefits.

  • Ease of installation

Due to weighty steel and concrete piles, many tools and preparations are needed. Wood pilings are much lighter and hence all these are not needed. Wood pile installation is much simpler and less chances of error comparatively with concrete or steel.

  • Speed of installation

Wooden piles are not only much easier for installing but also, they can be installed at much faster rate. As the wooden piles are of lighter weight, it will be quite easy to move and make a perfect placing.

  • Readily available

If you compare wood piles with concrete or steel pilings, you can easily find wood pilings as they will not require any complicated manufacturing process. Moreover, wood piles are quickly delivered and construction duration will also be less considerably.

  • Renewable resource

As a renewable resource, wood piles are the best choice as they come from reputed wood species. Prefer to buy wood piles from a reputed company who have obtained from responsibly managed forests. Hence, wood piling will be better for the environment.

  • Less weather dependent

As compared to concrete or steel, wood piles during winter season are much more beneficial while the ground will still be frozen. During cold season, you cannot comfortably pour concrete as it may be too difficult to get them cured properly.

  • Treated for providing maximum security

To ensure about the highest retention possible, wood foundation piles may always be treated with certain preservatives. Wood may also be the best option for any salt-water exposure compared to steel which may quickly get rusted in similar situations.

  • Elasticity of wood

Any wood piles can have ideal pliability as they are usually placed on ground, then these wood piles may easily allow its nearby soil to easily adhere to them and as a result, strength can be improved without sacrificing on its structural integrity.

  • Better cost effectiveness

Wood foundations, can be most cost-effective foundations, and is ideal for lowering your project cost. Since wood is a natural material, no complicated process of manufacturing is needed. Just after harvesting and thereafter pressure-treating, your piles are ready for delivery.