The locks on your home are your first line of defence against an intruder. If you do not have adequate locks, you must do something about it. There are plenty of reasons to change the locks in your home and this article will discuss some of the most common ones. If you are planning on beefing up security at home, first assess your locks to see if they need attention.

Moving into a New Place – We all get excited when moving to a new home and sometimes we overlook one of the most important aspects of the move – changing the locks. If you have just moved into a new place, get in touch with a locksmith in Rockingham and install new locks on every door and window in the house. You just never know who has a key to the house from previous tenants who were staying there. It is a good idea to play safe and make a change.

Lost or Stolen Keys – We all lose, misplace, or have keys stolen over our lifetime. But when these keys are for your home, you should not take any chances. The person who now holds your keys could have malicious intent and they may try to enter your home and steal your belongings. If your keys have be stolen or you have lost them, contact a local locksmith, and change the locks.

Recent Break In – If your home has been burgled and your locks have been tampered with, now is the time to replace them. If someone was able to access your home by breaking a lock, you may need to assess the locks you have in place. Modern locks are incredibly difficult to break if you choose the right products.

Old Locks – Another good time to change your locks is when you see they are not fit for purpose. Even the most secure locks get old and they become easy to tamper with as they start to weaken. With age, locks become a bit more stubborn and difficult to use. Corrosion sometimes weakens them, and they need to be changed from time to time.

Many of us do not know when to change our locks and we put ourselves at risk when we do not have the best locks in our home. If the locks in your home are not secure or you have lost keys to your home, it is important to call a qualified locksmith and have them changed.

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