Maintaining control over your commercial property’s access is essential to business security. The question “Can commercial locks be rekeyed?” is one of the most frequently asked questions by business owners. Rekeying is a cost-effective and highly effective way to secure your property. Rekeying is a cost-effective and effective way to secure your premises.

What is Rekeying?

Rekeying means changing the mechanism of the lock to make it work with a different key. The lock hardware does not need to be changed, only the internal components. The old key won’t work anymore with the lock after rekeying. Only the new key can unlock the lock.

Why Rekey Commercial Locks?

Enhancing Security

Rekeying commercial locks can be done to improve security. Rekeying is a good idea if you have recently moved to a new space or changed staff. It is important to prevent unauthorized entry from former tenants or employees.

Cost Effective Solution

Rekeying is more cost-effective than replacing the entire system. This provides the same security level without the high costs of purchasing and installing new hardware. This is especially beneficial for businesses that have multiple entry points.


Rekeying is a way to keep a master key where if you have one key, it can open many locks. This simplifies access management for managers or business owners who need to gain access to different parts of a building. This is a practical solution that enhances convenience and security.

Rekeying Is a Process That Involves Rekeying the Locks

Professional Locksmith Services

Professional locksmiths should perform rekeying to ensure that the lock works smoothly and is performed correctly. The locksmith will remove and replace the lock cylinder with pins that match the new key. This is a relatively simple process that can be performed on-site.

When to Rekey

  • New tenant: A rekeying is required when a new commercial tenant moves into the property.
  • Employee Turnover: Rekeying the locks is prudent if an employee who has access to keys leaves the business.
  • Lost or Stolen Keys: Rekeying is a great way to maintain security when keys are lost, or if they’re suspected of being stolen.
  • After a Security Breach: Rekeying is a great way to restore peace of heart after a security breach or attempted break-in.

Rekeying Has Many Benefits

Improved Security

Rekeying ensures that only authorized personnel can access your property. This reduces the risk of theft and unauthorized entry.

Cost Savings

Rekeying can be more affordable and quicker than replacing locks, which will minimize downtime.

Peace of Mind

Business owners can feel secure knowing that their property is safe and secure when they know old keys are no longer working.


Rekeying your commercial locks can be a cost-effective and practical way to maintain or enhance security at your business. This simple process can reduce the risk of unauthorized entry. Partnering with a professional, you can be assured that your locks will be rekeyed quickly and efficiently, giving you the peace of mind and security you need to run your business.

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