The Hampton style of architecture was born in the 17th century, when wealthy east coast people in America discovered The Hamptons, a coastal area called Long Island, which is around two hours’ drive from New York, and this open plan style architecture was born. The great outdoor lifestyle we have in Australia is ideal for the classic Hampton-style home, using timber in a very creative way and in the early 20th century, Hampton style homes began to be built across the country.

Low Maintenance

The Hampton home is designed to be easy to maintain, plus they are constructed using very durable materials and are ideal for an outdoor lifestyle, and with Hampton homes builders in Brisbane, you won’t have far to go to source a local company. Seasoned timber can be painted grey or light blue, and with a large terrace at the front of the house, you can relax in the evening and enjoy the view.

Key Elements

The key elements of a Hampton home are as follows:

  • Gable style roof
  • Large open balconies
  • White, blue and grey colour
  • Timber flooring
  • Window shutters

The Hampton home encompasses all of the above, plus the furnishings are light, with large cushions and a general light and airy feel.

Effective Ventilation

One of the strong points of a Hampton design is that with the doors and windows open, the home is very well ventilated, which is great for the long hot summers we experience in Australia, and with many Hampton homes in a coastal setting, this makes for a very comfortable lifestyle. When you approach a local builder, make sure they have extensive experience in building Hampton-style homes, then you can discuss the finer details of the design.

French Doors

In keeping with the Hampton style, French doors allow you to merge the exterior with the interior, and your design might incorporate several sets of French doors that lead to a rear balcony and side terrace. Small, individual panes of glass are in keeping with the Hampton look, which would be found on all the windows and doors.

If you would like to explore the potential that a Hampton style home offers, search online for a local builder who has extensive experience in designing and building this style of property, and with their expertise and your input, the perfect home design awaits. The builder would make every effort to keep within your proposed budget, and with a firm timeline, your dream home will be ready for occupation in no time.